3 Steps to Become a P2P Lender

08 June, 2015

Becoming a lender on Monexo's P2P platform is extremely simple, all it takes are three simple steps, and you are ready to begin lending our platform. Curious to know what these three steps are

Apply Register your account at www.monexo.co
Upload Upload your documents for verification
Approve Our internal team and systems approve each lender individually
Transfer Send your funds to the administrative account with Hong Kong Trust Company (HKTC) using your verified bank account
Lend You can begin lending immediately. Lend as little as HKD 10,000 per loan
Earn Interest and principal repayments are credited straight to your administrative account with HKTC
Build Lend again by simply logging on and funding loans 24 / 7 to build your own P2P portfolio
It really is as simple as one-two-three. Becoming a P2P Lender on the Monexo platform is convenient, transparent and safe. Find out below about how easy it is for you to apply, fund, and lend on your Monexo