5 predictions for Chinese New Year 2016

05 February, 2016

Chinese New Year is fast approaching – 2016, year of the fire monkey, is upon us. The question is, what does it hold? Well traditionally it's an era of building and forging ahead. It's a year of blazing opportunity and excitement. While all of that might seem a little out of place in our modern world, financial predictors aren’t necessarily disagreeing. Here are 5 predictions for the upcoming year;

  • Commodities will continue a worrying slump over the next 12 months – Financial Times
  • The US federal Reserve’s increase in interest rate will create uncertainty in the market – SCMP
  • China’s GDP growth will slow but will be stable – Nomura
  • The Hong Kong property market will be good for buyers and bad for developers -UBS
  • Lastly, Jamie Dimon, CEO of J P Morgan, has stated that “Silicon Valley is coming,” marking a shake up of our existing financial systems.
The horoscopes prediction that innovative developments will take place this year might not be too far wrong then. Indeed, in the last year of the fire monkey, 1956, the Space Age officially began. This year could well be the turning point in creating a fairer, more personalized and online financial system.