Introducing #MonexoMonday

19 September, 2015

Dear Readers,

We at Monexo, Hong Kong’s first peer-to-peer lending marketplace, wish to extend our gratitude towards you for your support of our organization. We hope that you’ve taken some time to go over our blogs, and get to understand the nature of peer-to-peer lending, and how it distinguishes itself positively from other investment and borrowing alternatives.

Beginning Monday, we are introducing an initiative known as #MonexoMonday, an opportunity for you to read answers to questions formed by your peers, and for you to participate in educating individuals on peer-to-peer lending.

Monexo Mondays
We begin this initiative by discussing some of the latest pieces of financial news, and looking at how one can benefit from engaging in peer-to-peer lending. Our first article in this series looks at how one can use rent cash-in to purchase property abroad.

As an organization in peer-to-peer lending in Hong Kong, we understand that the concept is quite novel, and as such, we place great importance on the value of education. For an individual to understand and be an active participant in the peer-to-peer lending revolution, it is vital that you are educated on the idea, and about Monexo’s platform.

#MonexoMonday allows you to:
• LEARN more about the peer-to-peer lending industry in Hong Kong.
• CONTRIBUTE your questions about peer-to-peer lending for the mutual benefit of individuals.
• READ responses to questions commonly asked by your peers.
• UNDERSTAND the benefits of peer-to-peer lending via Monexo’s platform.
• SHARE our articles to benefit the community of Hong Kong
The Monexo Advantage

Join us in this endeavor to increase awareness about peer-to-peer lending in Hong Kong. Tweet us your questions, and share our articles across the platforms you use, to help us educate YOUR peers on peer-to-peer lending, so that we can take this to the next level in Hong Kong.

Help us in making #MonexoMonday viral!

Thanking you,
Monexo Innovations Limited