Monexo @ e27

25 June, 2015

Incepted in 2010, the Echelon Startup Competition has been at the forefront at providing deserved recognition to Asia’s best technology and digital startups.  Attendance at the 2015 Singapore Showcase was in excess of 1500 delegates from various factions of the technology and business world, comprising of startups, investment firms, government agencies and industry stalwarts.

The Echelon Asia Summit is the focal point for Asia’s technology leaders, innovative businesses, and bold investors.

Monexo was invited to participate at the Singapore Showcase on June 23rd – June 24th, as part of the Cyberport Pavillion, as we organized an informative booth for interested individuals to learn more about P2P lending.  Sonal Bengani, one of our co-founders, and also our CTO, led the booth, as well as a fireside chat that Monexo was invited to lead, with the rising onset of P2P lending globally.趣味冲关

Sonal and Gerben Visser, Director of the Singapore FinTech consortium, engaged in this moderated discussion to assess the next big thing in Asia – P2P lending. Sonal discussed the latest trends in P2P lending in Asia as well as the various challenges and opportunities in the market.  To iterate the rise of P2P lending globally, Sonal elucidated the fact that banks like Goldman Sachs and Standard Chartered, have begun entering into P2P lending, realizing the gains from the industry.

Towards the end of the fireside chat, Sonal described three keys to success for P2P lending organizations, namely: durable, and customer-friendly technology, strong credit underwriting, and pinpoint market segment identification.

During the two days, Monexo was able to forge new alliances with several key players in the startup world, build long-lasting partnerships, and bring back key knowledge about the startup community in Asia.

Author: Sahil Mohnani @ Monexo