Monexo Event: Learn about P2P lending

14 September, 2015

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Only 20 seats available



‘‘1st Its easy, I do not need to go to a bank where it takes as long as 3 weeks just to process a personal loan application.2nd Its quick, it took me two days to finish the application and receive the funds.3rd Its an innovative product, no one is doing this in the Hong Kong market and it allows me to leverage my rental income to grow my business.
‘‘Monexos straightforward online process made it simple for me to get the funds I needed to expand my business. I considered some other lenders including banks and Monexo offered better rates but more importantly an easier process.
‘‘As a long-term P2P investor in both Europe and the United States, it’s great to now have Monexo bring the same essential levels of security, ease of use, and, especially, attractive returns to my home base of Hong Kong.  I look forward to growing together with Monexo well into the future.  On the small number of occasions I’ve had to interact with the staff at Monexo, they’ve been fabulously responsive and effective.”
‘‘The platform and process to invest is easy and simple. I am building a portfolio earning up to 10% with monthly liquidity, which is quite rare.