Monexo @ Innotribe

29 May, 2015

Innotribe’s 2015 Singapore Showcase, also known as the Innotribe Startup Challenge, held in association with Next Bank Asia, on the 28th of May 2015 provided early-stage and growth-stage startups, Monexo included, with an opportunity to be selected to the Startup Showcase Finale in Sibos Singapore.


The Innotribe Startup Challenge, launched in 2011, aims to bridge the gap between the established financial services industry, and today’s brightest fintech startups. The competition provides startups with opportunities to benefit from unique networking opportunities with banks and VCs during each of the four regional showcases.

Two of Monexo’s co-founders, Mukesh Bubna (CEO), and Sonal Bengani (CTO) represented Monexo at the 2015 Singapore Showcase, and were one of the ten early-stage startups to pitch. Although Monexo was not selected to participate in the Grand Finale, it remained the only company offering P2P lending, and was acclaimed for its innovativeness. Additionally, our team had a multitude of opportunities to network and develop professional relationships with industry experts, bank-decision makers, venture capitalists, and angel investors, as well as participate in insightful discussion on emerging fintech innovations.

A video of Monexo’s pitch at the 2015 Singapore Showcase can be watched at

Oh, and before we forget – Monexo gives credit where credit is due. And in this case, a boatload of credit must be given to a wonderful lady and her artistic skills. Part of Sketch Post, she performed live graphical illustrations of the Startup Challenge, and some of her work from the challenge is shown below!

Author: Sahil Mohnani @ Monexo