Monexo @ Rise (Pre-Event)

22 July, 2015

RISE – The Pedestal to Shine

A meeting place for the companies of tomorrow and the managers of today.

Come on out, and check us out! Monexo is participating in RISE – Web Summit’s first event in Asia on July 31st and August 1st!

A sister event to Europe’s largest and self-proclaimed best tech conference that generates an attendance of over 20,000, RISE will allow business leaders to showcase the revolutionary nature of their innovative organizations, while allowing them to congregate and showcase how their companies are changing the way we live. Monexo plans to do just that, as we focus on projecting the revolutionary nature of peer-to-peer finance.

The event already boasts an existing lineup of 80 startups from Hong Kong alone who remain ready to showcase their innovative business ideas, and visionary leaders. Alongside startups, the conference features partners from leading global venture capital firms, active angels, leading investment banks, and the heads of corporate developments.

The conference represents an excellent opportunity for Monexo to increase its exposure, as we have been gratefully provided with a booth placement to present Monexo to the very many participants at the RISE Conference.

RISE proudly adopts an interesting approach, bringing in world class speakers and providing participants with opportunities to engage in legendary networking sessions, and this experience will present Monexo’s team with a wonderful opportunity to share about our company, expand our horizons, and network with esteemed professionals.

Author: Sahil Mohnani @ Monexo