Monexo @ RISE

01 August, 2015

Monexo went. | We rose. | We shone.
Monexo Rose for Rise

Over the weekend, Monexo was on site and on game taking part in the RISE Conference frenzy held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).

Electric would be one of the few appropriate phrases to describe the RISE conference! The event, Web Summit’s first move into Asia, caused the HKCEC to buzz with excitement, as 5000 plus attendees from over 72 countries made their way to the RISE conference over the two days.

Monexo Innovations Limited, Hong Kong’s first peer-to-peer lending marketplace was part of the ALPHA cohort that exhibited at RISE. Like the conference in itself, Monexo’s team at RISE hustled and bustled, as we presented our rental cash-in model to the tech savvy, angel investors, and venture capitalists throughout the two days.
Monexo @ RISE #1

The conference provided Monexo with abundant opportunities to outreach to potential investors for the organization, as well as educate the masses on the rising influence of peer-to-peer lending in Hong Kong. During the event, Monexo received lots of interest from investors at RISE, with some even devising possible expansions into markets outside of Asia.inflatable water slides canada

Furthermore, the RISE conference featured several addresses on the disruptive nature and rising prominence of fintech, including a keynote address on the Enterprise Stage by Simon Loong, founder and CEO at WeLab.

Monexo is extremely appreciative of all the individuals who took the time out to come, and visit us at our booth during the two days, and likewise, extends its gratitude to the Organizing Committee of the 2015 RISE Conference for an extremely exciting and well managed event.
Monexo @ RISE #2

Monexo went. We rose. We shone.

Author: Sahil Mohnani @ Monexo