Rent Cash-in a new way for growing your Business.

05 March, 2016

Hong Kong Business Owners, Monexo ( brings you a new way to grow your business and manage cash flow or meet your short-term working capital need.

Mostly, Small Businesses (say Mr. A) give a 60-90 day Credit Period to his buyer (say Mr. B) as part of their sales process. This means the Small business or SME (Mr. A) cannot buy more goods as his capital is locked.

Let us understand this with a simple example: Mr. A has a capital of HKD 100,000 as capital. He buys goods worth HKD 100,000 in Jan’16 and sells to Mr. B. for HKD 105,000 with a payment term of 90 days.

While Mr. A has realized a profit of HKD 5,000 on this trade he has no more capital to buy any more goods till April’16. This means Mr. A can only make 4 sales cycle in a year and earn a total profit of HKD 20,000.

Surely, Mr. A can try and get loans from banks. Most likely he will face rejection. This leaves him with choice of borrowing from friends or borrows at high interest from alternate lenders. At Monexo we recognize this challenge and are working to solve the problem. We have come up with a new alternative for Small Businesses who also hold property as investments.

The new product is called “Rent Cash-in” – a simple way to get up to HKD 1 million of rental income in advance. Investment properties yield rental income per month, which is good as a steady source of income.

Now, at Monexo we provide you a loan against this future rental income upfront – so that you can grow your business. For example: Mr. A holds an industrial property with a rental income of HKD 30,000 per month for next 24 months.

At Monexo ( - Mr. A can take HKD 720,000 upfront to invest in his business. With this lease rental income of HKD 720,000 received upfront he can grow his business 7 times.

The key features of Monexo Rent Cash-in are:

  • No Collateral. Yes, you read it correct.

  • No Mortgage (1st or 2nd) on the land registry.

  • No need to pay heavy lawyer fees

    and the process is (a) Simple (b) Online and (c) 24x7 with money in your bank account within 24 hours.

    Still discounting invoices alone? Time to visit for Rent Cash-in.