China Supreme Court Weighs in on P2P Lending

13 August, 2015

The China Supreme Court, on August 10th 2015, released a judicial interpretation over P2P lending marketplaces, and their responsibility toward bad loans. According to a report produced by China News, only if a platform has...


A People Oriented Trillion Dollar Market

16 July, 2015

The hope is that marketplace lending will remake banking as we, as humans, know it to be. Quite simply, traditional lending works well, but only for the banks. For centuries, we have seen that the idea of banking has...


P2P In For The Long Haul

14 July, 2015

Most critics of the P2P finance marketplace claim that eliminating banking inefficiencies will render the P2P market entirely useless. But that fact is not true whatsoever. Instead, proponents argue that P2P marketplaces are...


The Alternative Lending Landscape

02 July, 2015

In the United Kingdom, the value of alternative finance grew by 168%, with crowdfunding making up for around 83 million pounds of that growth. Evidently, the P2P market is witnessing immense levels of growth, and this is a...


14 Parts of the Pie – The Crowd Economy

16 March, 2015

Social media may still be revolutionary in nature, as individuals, though, how much of the time we spend on it is actually productive? Step aside, social media, in comes the crowd economy. A new paradigm, known as the 14...


The Future of Finance

03 March, 2015

Consumer lending is likely to continue witnessing disruption within its market. The benefits of a lesser regulatory burden, lower capital requirements and a more efficient and effective cost structure drive advantages for...