Why Lend through Monexo?


Build your own loan portfolio and earn solid returns as high as 15% p.a. Great way to grow your savings.


Fund as little as HKD 1,000 on each loan. Spread your money across many screened borrowers to increase safety.


Receive monthly repayments of principal and interest from borrowers.

How Lending Works at Monexo

Lend Online
10 minutes to complete
your application.
Transfer Funds

Transfer funds
to a third party
administrative account

Secured Lending

Lend to screened

High Returns

Earn monthly

How Monexo Minimizes Your Risks?

Every financial decision comes with risks. At Monexo, we take various measures to enable you make good lending choices to maximize your returns.

  • Borrower Screening

    All our borrowers are from Hong Kong. We collect essential documents to verify their background. We assess their credit quality and determine an interest rate appropriate to their probability of non-repayment.

  • Third Party Administrative Account

    An independent company, The Hong Kong Trust Company (HKTC), holds your funds. Monexo passes your instructions to HKTC to execute your lending transactions. Monexo does not have access to your funds or make any transactions on your behalf.

  • Diversification of the Loan Portfolio

    You can lend as little as HKD1,000 per loan. Choose the loans to fund based on tenor, loan amount, interest rate, loan product etc. The more you diversify, the lower the risk.

  • Collection

    In case of late payment from borrowers, we will proactively initiate collection process on your behalf. Our certified collection partner will be deployed at the appropriate stage to collect the overdue amount for a fee.

  • Insurance Protection (Applicable for rent cash-in loan only)

    Monexo offers free AIG insurance protection of up to HKD 600,000 for certain events.Click here to know more.

Need Help?

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