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Peer to Peer (P2P) lending is an innovative form of finance and a rapidly growing industry worldwide. A P2P marketplace connects borrowers and lenders online benefiting them with better rates, simplicity and convenience.

Monexo provides a sensible alternative for borrowing and lending to your clients.

- As a borrower, they can get fast, affordable and flexible loans - for personal and business usage.

- As an investor, they can earn good returns by lending on the marketplace

Be a Partner for P2P Lending Company in india

Chartered Accountants

  • Add Loan Advisory as a new line of business
  • Get new customer referrals from your locality
  • Get attractive incentives on successful referrals
Be a Partner for P2P Lending Company in india

Financial Advisors / Wealth Managers

  • Help your client diversify beyond Bonds and Equities
  • Introduce short-term liquid alternate product
  • Get incentivised