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5 things to do ‘financially’ when you are between jobs.

26 May, 2017

I got fired - key “financial check up” steps to do now! Recently, lots of news articles are talking about lay offs, down sizing and pink slips in the IT Industry. Lay offs, down sizing are now normal in business and it is not a reflection of you. However, it is good time to take stock of what your goals were and how you stack up against them. I got axed is not panic time but a time for reflection across various goals including financial. So with the financial goals in

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29 April, 2017

As part of our P2P education series, we are regularly profiling P2P lending companies from around the globe. These companies are known for their innovation, best practices, track record and customer accolades. Today's company profiled is Lending Club. The largest peer-to-peer lending marketplace in the world is Lending Club based out of USA. It raised USD 1 billion in what was the largest technology IPO in 2014. An interesting titbit is Lending Club was initially launched on

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