11 must have Travel Apps for planning a vacation

09 March, 2019

by Abhijeet Kumar What is the first thing you do when you plan to travel? Well, for me, it’s – Ask Google about the popular tourist spots of that place. And once the browsing completes, starts the planning and booking phase. In today’s world, where everything is digital, you can prepare your entire travel plan as well as book your stays right from the comfort of your home. Moreover, with the rise in the number of smartphones, a mobile with the Internet is your best travel companion.

“The most fundamental debate for our youth is the choice between Android and iOS.” - Narendra Modi,
There are many mobile apps for traveling which can help you to have a comfortable journey. From planning to booking and budgeting to paying, you can do it all with your mobile. So, here’s the list of 11 apps for travelers in India –

1. Trip Planner – TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a must have app for travelers. It’s where you can find all about the different tourist spots and activities of the place you’re visiting. Apart from the review of those places, you can find reviews of hotels and restaurants to help you make well-informed decisions. And if you still have difficulty processing the information, check the forums. You can even post your query there for the community to answer. Android app | iOS app

2. Flight Tickets Booking – Goibibo

Goibibo is a website as well as an app for finding and booking flight tickets. Compare the fares for different days and book your tickets well in advance to escape any price surge. Last minute deals, exciting discounts and points for using the service, however, can make your travel a lot cheaper than what you expected. Android app | iOS app

3. Train Tickets Booking – IRCTC Rail Connect

IRCTC is the official train booking partner of Indian Railways, and the mobile app makes train booking on-the-go quite convenient. You can check train schedule, seat availability, fares and also ticket status with IRCTC Connect. IRCTC also has a few other apps like eCatering for booking meals on train and NTES, to check the running status of trains. Android app | iOS app not available Suggested Read – 10 Things to do on your long commute to work

4.Bus Tickets Booking – redBus

Goibibo, which I mentioned above, can book bus tickets as well but it’s the redBus travel app which many people prefer to book bus tickets. The app brings you the comfort of booking bus tickets of hundreds of bus operators around the country. And besides ticket booking, it also allows live tracking of buses. Android app | iOS app

5. Cab Booking – Uber

If you prefer taxis over public transportation, Uber should be in your list of mobile apps to travel. It’s a renowned ride-hailing service and has one of the best cab services in India. Although not everywhere, you will find Uber cabs in many cities. Android app | iOS app

6. Hotel Rooms – OYO Rooms

When it comes to booking hotel rooms on a budget, OYO Rooms is the undisputed winner. It operates in 200+ cities in India providing no-frills accommodation to solo travelers and also, couples and families alike. Most OYO hotels have the basic amenities (AC, Wi-Fi, TV) available, and thus, it’s a must-have app for traveling on a budget. Android app | iOS app

7. Airbnb

Another option for budget travel is to opt for accommodation sharing instead of staying in a hotel. Airbnb has tie-ups with house-owners around the world and in many cities of India too. And the Airbnb app makes the service more accessible while on-the-move. Android app | iOS app

8. Food Delivery – Zomato

When hunger pangs hit, Zomato is the way to go. Well, it’s popular as a food delivery service, but you can also use Zomato to find and read reviews about the nearby restaurants. Thus, you can easily find a place to eat as per your budget and cuisine preference in many cities. Android app | iOS app

9. Expense Sharing – Splitwise

Splitwise is an app to organize and share your expenses among the group. Whether it’s to split bills or room rents, all your expenses are at one place for everyone to see who they owe and how much. Android app | iOS app Suggested Read – Go on a Dream Holiday in your 20s with a Travel Loan

10. Digital Wallet – PayTM

The app which started as a digital mobile wallet now allows you to pay for recharges, utility services and money transfers among a myriad of other services. But the one thing which makes PayTM a must-have travel app is its availability. Shops, restaurants, petrol pumps or roadside eateries… you will find people accepting PayTM payments everywhere. Android app | iOS app

11. Google Maps

And you shouldn’t forget the map while traveling. Google traversed the whole country, and you can see it in their online Maps. Roads, traffic details, stores, petrol pumps, restaurants or religious places, it shows you all. In case, you are worried about spotty internet connections, you can download the map of the area you would be visiting. However, if you would like to have offline maps of the whole earth, you can go for one of the Google Maps alternatives – Here WeGo. Android app | iOS app That would be the list for now. Hope you get all the help you need to plan your upcoming vacation. If you need any assistance with the finance, Monexo would be there for you. Monexo is an online P2P platform which provides easy travel loans. Low interest rates and flexible EMIs are some of the many benefits that Monexo offers. Apply online and let money never be the reason to miss the fun. If you’re looking for an instant personal loan, apply at Monexo- P2P lending and enjoy hassle free borrowing.