5 awesome tools to increase your productivity at work

07 February, 2019

by Abhijeet Kumar Employees are getting more skilled with each passing day and the work more complex. You buckle down to settle your dues, there is a new one awaiting completion once you’re done. Wondering where did your free time vanish? Worry no more. Here are 5 tools to organize your work and be more productive –

1. Asana – Project management software

While you don’t need any such tool if you’re working solo, if you’re a part of a team, an effective project management software is a must-have. A tool like Asana helps you keep track of the project across various team members. You can use the free plan to manage a team of up to 15 members. For larger teams, you need the paid plans, (starting at $9.99/month) with features like custom reports, advanced search and priority support among others. You can organize projects and the respective tasks at one place, curate to-do lists, set reminders and communicate and assign users to the jobs. Asana is even more useful in situations when the team needs to work remotely.

2. Slack – Collaboration tool

Another tool to increase productivity is Slack. It’s a tool which facilitates communications with different teams all at one place. And you can use it on smartphones as well as desktops. You can create different boards for projects and then, create customised channels to keep in touch with different teams. You can either use the channels to share messages and files with the team members or send them messages individually. With Slack, you can send project files, images and also make video calls. It also integrates well with other cloud services like Drive, Dropbox and GitHub to keep everything in one place. The free plan though has a limit of 10 integrations only. With paid plans, starting at $6.67/month, you get unlimited integrations and other features like screen sharing and priority support.

3. Evernote – Note-taking app

Another thing which enhances productivity is the availability of a way to capture random ideas and thoughts. You can’t remember everything after all. And you never know what strikes to be a pathbreaking idea. That’s when the Evernote app comes handy. Small inspirational thoughts, team member interactions and important points during meetings, it can store them all. Write them out and retrieve later when needed. Evernote is connected to the cloud and can be accessed from your phone and PC anywhere. Evernote also doubles up as a to-do list organiser. And unless you want to sync your notes with your team, you can use it for free. The paid membership however, gives you offline access and syncing between many devices and other team members, at only $3/month.

4. Boomerang – Email organizer

The good old emails still survive in this era of instant messaging services. It’s the preferred mode of work-related communications and also, a great way to consume hours from a productive day. Boomerang is an email organiser and scheduler that integrates with Gmail (for now). You can use it to write emails and send them later. It also reminds you to follow up if you don’t hear back. And you can use it to mark your emails too, to be read on a later time. The free version is good most of the time but with paid plans you also get AI suggestions for responses, repeated messages and tracking by default. The plans start at $4.99/month.

5. Toggl – Time tracker

Scheduling your time and planning the day is a tricky task. And a time tracker like Toggl eases up a lot of headache in such cases. You can allocate your time to various tasks during the day and also sync your schedule with the cloud. The software is free to use but paid membership offers additional benefits. Starting at only $9/month, Toggl sends periodic reports, time audits and also estimates project time among various other features. With such reports, you will know better how to allocate time for better performance. Those were only the five of the numerous productivity tools available these days. With the right tools in place, you can actually be productive no matter how many tasks you have to take care of.

Here are a few bonus tips for a productive day

  • . Plan your day in the morning. Better to make the list the night before.
  • . Have time aside for routine emails, calls and messages.
  • . Learn keyboard shortcuts to speed up the process.
  • . Stay on schedule and be stress-free.
  • . Stay on schedule and be stress-free.
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