6 ways to stay fit at work when you sit at a desk all day

14 February, 2019

by Charu Mitra Dubey Every day we all have to take care of many responsibilities at work. We try to prioritize and focus on things that matter but are we focusing on everything that really matters? Wondering what might be the thing I am talking about? It’s nothing but our own health. We sit at a desk in front of a computer all day long and manage several tasks and that's how we ruin our health. Almost 5% of the entire Indian population is suffering from obesity because of the habit of sitting in front of computer screens for all day long. Several other health issues that it causes are eye strain, backbone problems, etc. You may not be able to dedicate a few hours every day for physical exercises like the majority but do you know that you can do it by integrating a few smart exercises with your everyday work? Here are 6 ways to stay fit at work when you sit at a desk all day-

1. Work standing up

Try to elevate your computer screen to a level or find a spot in your office that can be used so that you can work while standing. This will allow you to maintain a good posture and reduce the chances of back pain or backbone issues.

2. Take hourly breaks

Sitting for a long time everyday can lead to several diseases like heart issues, diabetes or dementia. Don't let this habit affect your health but rather take a little walk around your office corridor for a few minutes every now and then. This will promote the blood flow in your body and will also activate your muscles.

3. Take Stairs Instead of Elevators

Just because your office has elevator it's not necessary to use it every day! Taking the stairs to reach your office floor is the best form of cardio. From increasing the heart rate to improving energy as well as activating the muscles, taking stairs can be your best healthy habit.

4. Don't Order Rather Go out for Lunch

Denying to the appetizing meals may seem difficult to you but you can at least do a little exercise before grabbing your favorites. Leverage your lunch break and get a small walk to your favorite restaurant or food joint. Also, if you are on a strict diet chart, take something healthy. Taking healthy meals in a scheduled manner can be your biggest savior against obesity issues.

5. Play Indoor Sports

Nowadays many companies are trying to keep their employees both healthy and happy. And, so have provided their employees with the facility of indoor game rooms. If you're working at such a great workplace then don't leave the opportunity. Whenever you get any break, rush to the gaming area and play games like Table Tennis, Fuse ball, etc. as an alternative to exercise.

6. Drink Water Regularly

This is a very common issue because most of the people forget to drink water a regular interval’s during the work hours.Not taking the sufficient amount of water can cause severe health issues. Several mobile apps have been built that could help you to set reminders to drink water, measure the water intake in a day, etc.


Your health is your priority. You can't move even a single step if your health isn't supporting you. Spend some time to incorporate these simple techniques at your work and feel the change. If you’re looking for an instant personal loan, apply at Monexo- P2P lending and enjoy hassle free borrowing.