7 Best Budgeting Apps for tracking and planning your Finances

13 March, 2019

by Abhijeet Kumar Giving advice about money management is easy; what tough is its implementation. After all, not everyone is in the exact situation as you are. So, how can you track your expenses and plan your finances if no advice is helping? Well, the world has become a lot better than the (good) old days of pen and paper. There are mobile apps for budgeting to help salaried people manage their expenses. You can list them all, add, edit and remove as time passes and many budgeting apps like Mint also notifies you if you reach the limits. So, don’t worry about forgotten expenses and make your life a little more stress-free with these money management apps –

1. Mint

Mint is a sort of financial planner developed by Intuit. It keeps all your bank accounts, loans, investment, and credit card transactions at one place. Through graphs and charts and categories, it keeps track of your financial situation. Mint also alerts you for late fees or upcoming bills, through emails or app notifications. Android app | iOS app

2. Monefy

The USP of this money management app is its ease of use. Adding data and expenses is easy in this app, and you will be able to check where your money goes. With Dropbox integration, you can also keep it all backed up and in sync across devices. Android app | iOS app

3. Walnut

Walnut is among the best apps for managing your finances. It can scan your SMS and track your expenses across multiple categories – food, travel, shopping, and others. It can even track your digital wallet balance, credit card dues and can pay the bills too, through Walnut Pay. Android app | iOS app

4. Money View

Money View is another finance planning app which mainly helps you by listing balances of your bank accounts. But it can also read the SMS to keep you updated with expenses and pending bills if any. Monthly budgets and tax saving are a few other features available in Money View. Android app

5. Money Manager

When it comes to money management apps, the Money Manager by RealByte is one-step ahead by allowing bookkeeping and accounting. Asset management, credit/debit cards management, and periodic spending reports too are there along with a visually pleasing interface. The app also allows you to export data as Excel spreadsheets. Android app | iOS app

6. Wally Next

Wally allows you to record income and expenses and also, set spending/saving goals. You can categorize the expenses as family, friends or work and even scan and add receipts for your record. With Wally, you can then, keep an eye on the expenditures and also analyze monthly savings and budget. Android app | iOS app

7. ET Money

This finance management app by Times of India offers you control on various expenses and receipts along with insurance. Health insurance, life insurance, bills, payments and everything else is available under one hood. ET Money also assists with quick-KYC and easy mutual fund investments. Android app | iOS app


And those were the 7 apps for planning your finances. Pick whatever seems suitable, outline your budget and keep your finances under control. In case, something unexpected comes up, affecting your budget, you always will have Monexo. It’s an online money lending platform which provides easy personal loans. Fast processing, flexible EMIs and a 100% paperless process, are some of the many features of Monexo personal loans. The loans taken can be used for health purposes, higher education or even a wedding. With Monexo, managing difficult financial situations would be one less thing to worry about. If you’re looking for an instant personal loan, apply at Monexo- P2P lending and enjoy hassle free borrowing.