‘Demystifying Fintech’ – Roundtable series

11 February, 2017

Topic : Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending in India – potential and barriers

Organised by : CIty of London
Closed door event - by invitation only

Trident Nariman Point Mumbai,
3.30pm-5.30pm, 14 February, 2017

One of the leading objectives of the ‘Demystifying Fintech Roundtable series’ is to understand and define; what are the constituents that define and encompass ‘fintech’ and what aspects do not identify, what are the benefits that fintech firms offer vis-à-vis traditional financing. What are key elements and regulatory framework needed to encourage the growth of the sector, as well as protect consumers and market participants.

During the discussion, Mukesh Bubna along with other panelists will examine the P2P lending /marketplace from the perspective of the end users, its benefits vis-à-vis traditional banking, challenges as well as the regulatory framework needed, and discuss the international experience with P2P in leading markets (UK, US).