Essential skills every manager should possess

19 October, 2019

By Aashik Kareem

Management skills can be described as certain qualities or skills that an individual must possess to perform specific tasks within an organization.

Even after years of evolution of management philosophies, management of people remains one of the most important tasks that a manager needs to discharge. The only unpredictable element in any market is the people. In every industry, the only outcome that is not entirely ascertainable is the human element. Managing human resources remains one of the daunting tasks a manager needs to undertake. 

A good manager is also a great leader, so here are five essential skills every manager needs to excel in managing people. 

1.Good Communication : 

Good communication is at the core of any profession and management is no exception. It is important that one masters this skill at the earliest in their career paths because the benefits are multifold. Oratory skills are a nice touch to this. If you can converse with your peers and superiors with ease, there is a better chance of you showing results in an organisation. 

To develop a good stronghold on communication one must master the language. Using websites like can be effective. The most effective way to boost communication skills is through active participation. One must indulge in continuously conversing with peers, superiors and customers to improve fluency and confidence. Watching movies and reading books helps in the conversion of conceptual thoughts into spoken language. 

Having good communication can help you standout in an organisation by increasing the value you can provide. If you can converse with ease, it makes it easier for your subordinates to approach you, thereby boosting efficiency. Superiors would prefer you owed to your good communication skills.

2. Leadership skills : 

Leadership has been around for all of human history. Humans are social beings and every group needs a leader. An organisation is no exception. Leading people is very important in an organisation since it helps in going in a direction, one which achieves organisational goals. 

A manager must not only listen to the problems of his subordinates but also engineer solutions for it. A manager needs to define goals and have clear vision. His vision must be “contagious” towards his subordinates. They need to be motivated through his leadership to achieve the management objectives. 

There are different styles of leadership, the main ones are : 

  • Democratic Leadership. : These leaders encourage the flow of ideas and discussions and conduct inclusive decision making.
  • Autocratic Leadership. : All the power and responsibility is vested with this leader who takes exclusive decisions without consultations 
  • Laissez-Faire Leadership. : Autonomy is given to subordinates and the leader maintains a hands-off approach.

One must adopt a style or a combination of styles based on personality.

3. Decision-making skills : 

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg does not change the way he dresses. He always wears a grey t-shirt and jeans. Talking to the press, he says humans can take only 3 good decisions on any given day and that he does not want to waste those decisions on choosing what to wear. Although it may not be practical to dress like Mark, the key take away here is to reduce the number of decisions taken in a day. 

Decision making can make or break an organization's working. An organisation’s success is determined by the sum total of results of all the decisions taken. In order to take good decisions, one must always listen to the opinion of others. One must evaluate the pros and cons of every alternative and take the decision which yields the maximum benefits at the lowest risk. 

Since management and leadership is an area of study by itself, we cannot possibly reduce it one article alone. There are various executive education courses you can take to either boost or start your management career.

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