Go on a Dream Holiday in your 20s with a Travel Loan

Go on a Dream Holiday in your 20s with a Travel Loan

21 August, 2018

Looking at all the cool new places on TV and cinema screen makes the heart yearn for an adventure. In reality though, most of us are limited by finances and those exotic holidays seem like a pipe dream to be put off till you are in late 30s or 40s and earning more.

Well, not anymore. Nowadays personal finance is available for almost every cause and need, so you can apply for an instant loan for travel to go on a dream holiday even in your 20s. And you will be surprised to know that a lot of people you see having adventure trips on social media are using travel loans to do so. The reasons are simple, you only live once and it is very easy to get personal loans online if you know of the right place to apply.

Personal loans for travels also offer a number of advantages other than taking you on a dream holiday.

1. Cheaper to acquire and repay: Since personal loans for travel are unsecured loans, one expects the interest rates to be on the higher side but with the advent of peer to peer lending in India, P2P platforms like Monexo are offering personal loans starting @12.98% per annum. Also, Monexo’s one-time processing fee of 2.5 to 4% is almost half that of banks and NBFCs who charge 5 to 8% in general. These low interest rate personal loans have lower EMIs as well making them cheaper to acquire and repay.

2. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest: A personal loan for travel also gives you the freedom to enjoy a vacation as you should. Since you have the loan funds earmarked for travelling you can freely utilize these funds for accommodation, sightseeing and shopping while on a holiday. So, in essence a personal loan also gives you financial peace of mind while on a dream holiday.

3. Save your savings: By taking a personal loan for travel you also ensure that your savings are safe and stay untouched. It is a win-win situation from all points of view — you get to go on your dream holiday, you repay the loan in small monthly installments, and you continue to contribute some amount to your savings as well.

Already thinking of getting your personal loan for travel? Here are some salient features of P2P personal loans:

- Online only application process when you apply with a leading P2P lending platform like Monexo.

- Instant loan quotes based on your income and documents.

- Interest rates as low as 12.98% depending on your financial health.

- Negligible processing charges when compared to banks and NBFCs.

- Quick turnaround time due to reduced manual work and e-verification of your financial information.

- Flexible EMI options ranging between 6 to 36 months to make repayments hassle-free.

- Lastly, there are upfront payments required to secure a loan from Monexo and in case you decide to pre-pay the loan amount in full, you can do so without attracting any penalties.

So, what are you waiting for, apply for an instant loan for a holiday with Monexo and take an item off your bucket list right now.