Instant Personal Loans Online to Give You the Credit You Deserve

28 June, 2018

Are you having a tough time getting a personal loan from banks and NBFCs?

These institutions rely on an individual’s credit score for loan approvals. A past financial misadventure may have dipped your score below the requisite threshold, resulting in multiple failed personal loan applications. Trying to explain your financial compulsions to a bank executive and getting a negative reply can be quite exasperating. That’s the reason why Monexo offers loans through a completely online process which rates your credit worthiness based on our internal parameters.

At Monexo, we believe that everyone is worthy of credit. Whether it’s a businessman looking for working capital, a student looking for an education loan or a couple who wish to take a wedding loan for their nuptials, we offer quick online loans for everyone.

We also believe in keeping things simple. A loan application should be something like applying for a new sim card, you fill in your details, provide relevant documents and get the product activated within a day or two. So, we have made applying for loan simpler by creating an online marketplace where people can interact directly with lenders and get a loan approval, no red-tape whatsoever.

Getting your Monexo Rating

Register on our website as a borrower, upload the necessary documents and answer some general queries regarding your credit health. Based on our internal review and system parameters, you will be assigned a Monexo rating and offered a quick loan quote.

Accepting the Quote

If you choose to accept the quote offered by Monexo, your loan will be listed on the P2P marketplace. People who have registered with Monexo as lenders can then review your loan application and offer to fund it fully or partially.

Receiving the Money

All applications that receive at least 60% funding are approved by Monexo and the loan amount is disbursed to your bank account. Monexo charges a minimal (2-4%) servicing fee based on your Monexo rating.

EMIs and Prepayment

With Monexo, you can get an EMI schedule of up to 36 months for repaying your loan. Also, you can choose to repay the amount in full anytime during the loan tenure without any prepayment charges.

So, don’t let your credit score stand in the way of getting a loan approval anymore. Visit to apply for a personal loan with Monexo now.