Why we built the Secondary Market?

18 September, 2019

Monexo's unique Secondary market feature is a ‘first for Peer to Peer lending in India' which allows existing investors to sell the loans they have already invested in to other investors who are also lending on the...

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best short term investment options

Top Short Term Investment Options for December 2016

30 November, 2016

In Monexo’s attempt to make every investor who visits our site an informed investor we bring to you this blog where we talk about the different types of short-term investment option and the pros and cons attached to each one of...

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Investment Option in Monexo

Know All About Investments

22 November, 2016

The word investment invokes fear in many people. Many associate investments with risk, high stakes and rich people and prefer to hold all their assets in liquid form. A typical Indian household holds almost 50% of all its savings...

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