Monexo encourages responsible borrowing

23 March, 2017

Monexo encourages borrowers to pay their monthly installments on time which is due on 1st of the month. We proactively send them email reminders before the payment due date. However, if they are unable to make payment on the...

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Tips to Manage Debit

5 tips to manage debt wisely

11 February, 2017

Whether it is a personal loan, credit card dues or any kind of debt, it is costing you money! And thinking about it keeps you up all night. Now is the right time to take action and steer clear of the debt trap. Tip...

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Monexo Auto Invest

Introducing Monexo Auto-Invest

29 November, 2016

Hassle-free lending for busy people Monexo auto-invest is a feature that helps you to automatically invest in loan listings without manually viewing and funding each loan. All you need to do is choose your lending criteria that...

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Borrower Loan Repayment

Borrower Repayments – What you need to know?

03 November, 2016

Sharing some pointers on what you need to know on borrower repayments: All borrowers are given monthly email reminders prior to their payment due date.They are required to provide auto-debits to their bank account for their...

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Gold Investment Trends for Monexo

Fool’s Gold – Changing Trends in Investments

01 November, 2016

Investing in gold has traditionally been seen as a safe haven for the average investor. Come the festive period, and you see families scrambling to the jewelry shops to make some festive investments. But lately, this trend is...

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Guidelines for Lending and Borrowing

An easy guide to lending with Monexo.

15 October, 2016

Here is a snapshot look at the ease of peer to peer lending as brought to you by Monexo. You may have landed on our webpage –, as a prospective lender or borrower. Either way, you have reached the right...

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Refer a Friend and Win Campaign

Monexo’s Share & Win Campaign

06 September, 2016

Monexo has launched it's first referral campaign in India by partnering with Swipe Phone and to offer attractive prizes to referrers and cash back offers to referred customers. The campaign coincides with Monexo's...

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Guidelines for Borrower to get Successful Loan

Back to the Borrowing Basics – 3 Main Guidelines

11 August, 2016

There are many factors to consider when borrowing money - loan tenure, interest rate to pay back, method and process of repayment, to name a few. This week, we take a step back from all the clutter to provide you with our three...

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Tips for Money Lending

Are you a New Earner? Here are 3 Money Tips for you!

11 August, 2016

As India’s working age population increases over the next decade, it won’t only increase the consumption potential of the country, but also arrest any fall in its household savings rate. This is not only due to low income but...

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5 tips to go Debt-free

11 August, 2016

Tip #1: Track your spending! If you can’t seem to figure out where your cash earnings have flown off to, start making it a habit to keep all your receipts for cash, debit and credit card purchases. This allows you to track your...

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Things to Know About Sharing Economy

What You Need to Know About Sharing Economy

04 August, 2016

Sharing economy is when you carpool with your colleagues to work, or when you stay at a friend’s house for a vacation. Today, companies such as Lyft, Rideshare, AirBnB, and Flipkey have gained popularity from using the concept...

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