5 reasons why you need to Upskill in 2019

28 March, 2019

By Abhijeet Kumar The competition in any industry is ferocious. A job opening on an average attracts 250 resumes, states a study by Glassdoor, and only one of which would be selected. So, more relevant skills you have, the...

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5 things you should know about P2P lending

27 March, 2019

By Kumar Shankar Roy Peer to peer lending is changing the way India borrows and lends. Top platforms, including Monexo, are driving this paradigm shift. Lending cannot start without a lender. In a sense, lenders are the...

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11 must have Travel Apps for planning a vacation

09 March, 2019

by Abhijeet Kumar What is the first thing you do when you plan to travel? Well, for me, it’s – Ask Google about the popular tourist spots of that place. And once the browsing completes, starts the planning and booking...

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How can I grow my money with P2P lending?

13 February, 2019

by Kumar Shankar Roy Peer to peer lending has emerged as one of the best investment options for investors wishing to grow their wealth with patient capital earning steady returns. With the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) now...

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Places to visit on a 4 day trip to Kerala

08 February, 2019

by Abhijeet Kumar Kerala is an “all in one” package. It’s good as a honeymoon destination, perfect for a family trip, great escape for a solo traveler and also a hub for adventure lovers. And you can opt Kerala for a...

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