Top 7 Fitness Apps that you need to try

11 September, 2019

By Aishwarya Raj

In today’s fast-paced world, it is necessary for us to stay active and healthy. Having an assistant as a catalyst for your health can be an asset. Being fit and healthy requires determination and constant efforts. Nowadays, we have our smartphones as our all-time companion. So, how about using these health apps to stay fit and motivated? Okay, Let’s take a look.


People nowadays focus on how much they need to workout but actually they forget to focus on how much rest they need to take! This is the best health app for all the gym freaks. 

This app has won several titles and the notable one is, ‘The app of the year in 2017’  by Apple.


  • Has a meditation calendar.
  • 100+ meditation techniques.
  • It has a library of sleep stories, which gets updated every week.
  • Soothing background noises which give a great user experience.
  • Consist of various types of meditations techniques guided by experts.
  • Has a meditation calendar also.

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The calorie-counting feature of this app helps you in setting the right goals. You can also view your progress by day/week/month. MyFitnessPal features thousands of products and dishes. Recipe importer and barcode scanner are the other features that can make your fitness routine an easy one. This app helps you in a better way if you want to take off those extra pounds.

You can find this app both in the App Store and Play Store.


  • It has a calorie counter & also a macro tracker.
  • You can keep track of what you eat.
  • Tracks your water intake.
  • Add favorite food & Set reminders.

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Daily yoga

Do you prefer yoga as an exercise? Then you must try this app. Practicing yoga on a daily basis is really a good habit. This app offers poses and tips to match the body areas of your own choice. It also comes with many instructional images and a timer to help you in tracking your exercise session. You can hear a voice clip when you lose your focus.


  • Elegant, simple & user-friendly design.
  • Ready-made meditation & yoga classes.
  • Schedules to attain fitness goals.
  • Library guides with 300+ poses.
  • You can also create unlimited custom classes.
  • Classes from qualified experts & trainers.

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Google Fit

Google Fit helps you to get more active in your life.  This app will be helpful at the times when you are confused about what kind of activities are perfect for your workout plan. 

To come up with a solution for this, Google Fit has collaborated with the American Heart Association and WHO to understand the theory behind the physical activity and how intense the workout should be done for better health.

Move minutes and Heart points help you to gain credits and count all your activities accordingly.


  • To motivate and help the users, the app has features like heart points & move minutes.
  • Helps in achieving fitness goals with more actionable and personalized tips.
  • Works with many other personal devices and apps.
  • It helps in monitoring your goals.

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Workout for Women

This app mainly focuses on female fitness. This app has many scientifically proven methods to improve your health. It has easy and short workout methods which can surely make you feel active and also helps in reaching your goal.

The notable thing is that it has a mix of strength-building moves like planks, squat jumps, donkey kicks, etc. Each of the workouts includes audio and video instructions which keep the users more motivated and focused.


  • Works as your personal trainer.
  • 7 minutes a day workout helps in burning fat.
  • Beginner-friendly sessions.
  • Get effective and short workouts.
  • Audio & Video instructions.

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Are you the person who hates the gym due to the crowd or any other reasons? Well, now don't need to worry too much about your workouts. Because Sworkit is a perfect app for you.

All you need to do is, set your goal and provide your current fitness details. After providing you details, you will get a six-week program with goals that you need to accomplish every week. It helps in customizing the workout sessions according to your schedule.


  • Flexible methods & workout programs.
  • Guides by video workouts.
  • You can get your personalized workout plans according to your goal.
  • 200+ pre-built workouts.

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This fitness app has millions of users across the world. Headspace is an awesome application, especially for starters.

It offers a ten-day free introduction guide to practice meditation and yoga. Once you are done with that you can unlock the next versions with a subscription package. You can personalize the app according to your exercise and diet requirements.


  • Well designed and user - friendly.
  • Hundreds of themed sessions are available to take users from stress.
  • Has many guided meditations for busy schedules
  • Includes audio tips, clear videos and even infographics.

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