Top 7 reasons to live in Chennai

12 September, 2019

By Aishwarya Raj

There is a popular saying called “Vandharai Vazhavaikum Chennai”. Yes, it means you get a lifeline if you’re stepping into Chennai with huge dreams. 

Yeah, Chennai! It’s one of the most famous cities in India. Living in Chennai has become a multicultural and multiethnic experience. Chennai is known for so many things. When we say Chennai, some may think it’s a hot, humid city while for others, it’s their home, freedom, and emotion. No matter what you may know Chennai for, it’s undoubtedly a happening and lively place.

You will traverse through the seemingly never-ending crowd of people. The hustle and bustle will always surround the city. You can hear the temple bells ringing every morning at 6 a.m. The public transport at Singara Chennai rises even before the Gods do. The fuzzy and warm early morning travels will make you feel lively. The smell of the filter coffee all around the streets will ease your appetite. You can feel that combination of a sunny and salty breeze. Want to get more convinced? Read on and you will be.

Here are a few reasons we think Chennai is the best place to live in.

1. Sand, Sun & the Morning Market

One of the interesting aspects of living in Chennai is its scenery, in particular, the two main beaches, Marina Beach and Edward Elliot’s Beach. Marina - The largest urban beach in India, and one of the longest beaches in Asia. The drive along the beach is really awesome, which runs to the length of Chennai, is famous for its numerous monuments and lovely palm trees. 

The beach has numerous chains of shops with street sellers, entertainers, and hawkers. Are you trying to escape from the city crowd? Then, the beach is the best option. 

Elliot’s Beach is comparatively quieter than Marina Beach, which offers a nice respite from the hectic pace of the city. When it comes to Sunday, the attractive thing is the morning fish market beachside. Shopping from the local's bargaining will give you a wonderful taste of what living in Chennai encompasses. Don’t just settle for their first offer!

2. Planning for a Trip ?

You can plan for a trip even at the last minute. Whether it’s packing your bags and moving via National Highway, or booking a last­ minute train or bus, or even catching a flight, the travel is so easy and affordable too. 

There are many weekend destinations that are close by, like Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, and Kodaikanal. 

3. Safety & Low Crime Rates

Chennai is a relatively safer place when compared to other major cities. The city has lower crime rates. ranked Chennai as the safest city to live in India. It was also ranked the safest among Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Mumbai. When compared to other metro cities, Police corruption is also less. The residents are more law-abiding in Chennai.

4. Education 

Chennai is one city that gives a lot of importance to education. There are many schools and universities for any aspiring student to choose from. It is relatively easier to for a great number of students to study and live in Chennai which has both affordable costs of living and quality of education. 

Major academic centers like IIT Madras, College of Engineering, Guindy, Stanley Medical College, Madras Medical College, and Loyola are located here. Research institutes like CLRI, CSRI, IIIT-DM, IFMR, Kalakshethra and Adyar Cancer Institute can also be found here.

5. Mouth-Watering & Delicious Foods

In Chennai vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are equally appreciated and relished.

Chennaites also enjoy different types of food like Chinese, Continental, and Tandoori once in a while. For the people who crave the taste of their home town food, Sowcarpet is the best place for them. It can be called as a mini Delhi of Chennai. Choose from Coffee day to Ciclo Cafe, Double Roti or A2B to get you sated and good.

6. Movie Experiences

Watching a movie in Chennai is awesome.  When it comes to Kollywood, Super Star Rajini Kanth is the name that every Chennaite can tell. Theaters are extremely modern, huge, comfortable and sparkly clean. 

Ticket prices are also affordable when compared to other cities and best of all ­ is the great food! It’s not just about the buttered popcorn. Mayajaal and Sathyam Cinemas are the Chennaites’ most favorite theatres. 

7. Healthcare

Chennai is known as India’s healthcare capital, which is firmly at the top of the healthcare list. It has top medical colleges, best hospitals, and super ­specialty hospitals too. Chennai has pride in having an excellent healthcare service. 

­People from abroad also seeks top healthcare services at affordable prices here. Whatever ails you,  you just have a waiting ­room to visit away.

Bottom Line

‘The people maketh the place’, says the proverb. That is what Chenaites do the best. Living life to its fullest extent with an ability to break into a ‘kuthu’ dance at any moment. Because life is a celebration and gosh Chennaites know how to celebrate! 

So, there you have the reasons why Chennai is the best place to live in.

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