Use a Personal Loan for Executive Education to Achieve Your Career Goals

28 June, 2018

Aspiring to achieve more in your profession by learning new skills is a natural outcome of working in modern competitive environments. Sometimes, the skills and attributes of superiors and co-workers can give an entirely new perspective to our self-goals. But to do more, you need to learn more and learning new things takes time and investment – things you might not have in abundance if you are working full time.

Executive education helps you achieve your dream career

Executive education is offered through academic programs at graduate and post graduate level by business schools worldwide for executives, business leaders and functional managers. Executive education puts focus on specific roles or industries, and helps individuals in improving specific leadership skills, such as persuasion, negotiation, team building and communication.

The participation of some of the most prestigious universities and colleges has enhanced the value of executive education in recent years.

Why you should opt for Executive Education?

Executive education programs offer a way for employed and self-employed people to learn new things and advance in their profession. They also help you in understanding the ongoing business challenges and opportunities related to dynamic economic conditions, developing technologies, new business models and globalisation.

A popular misconception associated with Executive Education Programs

Sometimes it is implied that executive education courses like EMBA are a toned-down version of regular management programs. However, this is a popular misconception which stems from the fact that executive education programs generally have a shorter course duration. The actual reason for shorter duration of these courses is their different target audience that is working individuals. Instead of focussing on academic nuances, these courses are designed to impart maximum real-world knowledge in order to deliver the benefits quickly and in an economically viable way.

Managing Executive Education along with a regular job

Since, the focus group of these programs is working individuals, the course progression is done through evening or weekend classes. Some institutions also offer online classes to add flexibility to your study schedule.

Funding your executive skill development with an education loan

People often shy away from education loans, thinking of them as unnecessary debt. But a well-planned education loan is more than that, it’s an investment in your future. An education loan will help you in learning new skills without having to fuss over finances all the time. You can cover the following things with an education loan,

- Tuition fees for the Executive Education Program

- Expenses incurred on books, course materials and additional training modules

- Examination and re-examination fees

- Travelling expenses, in case the course requires a few trips to special academic training centres

An education loan can be structured in easy EMIs to help you learn, earn and payback your loan at the same time. Moreover, you get faster approval for executive education loans as lenders show more confidence in employed borrowers.

Getting a personal loan for Executive Education

Right now you can either apply for an education loan with a bank, a private lender or through a P2P network. While banks are the preferred choice of many borrowers, they are also the slowest to process loan requests. On the other hand, borrowing from a private lender may land you with unusually high interest rates and a very limited time frame for paying back the loan amount.

P2P Loans in India for Executive Education

Peer to peer lending platforms facilitate direct interaction between borrowers and lenders through a unified platform. This allows you to customise your loan request in a financially viable manner. Lenders on P2P platform can then pick and choose your loan request for funding. So, with P2P you have a higher chance of getting personal loans at low interest rates.

P2P Loans by Monexo India

Monexo is India's leading P2P marketplace where you can get a personal loan at interest rates as low as 12.98% or an EMI of ₹3325/- per lakh.

Also, Monexo has a completely online loan application process, so you don’t have to miss out on your work and life commitments to apply for a loan. Simply create a Monexo account and enlist as a borrower to submit your documents. Monexo will review your loan application and offer a quote, accept it and you are done. The loan will be listed on the P2P marketplace for funding.

So, if you have been thinking about pursuing an executive education program for a while now, it’s time to put your plans into action. Apply for an online education loan with Monexo and start the journey towards you dream career today.