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  • Total Debt

  • Avg Interest Rate (%)

  • Monthly Payment

  • Total Interest Payment

*The above calculation is for a Monexo loan at 12.98% Interest Rate (APR), with a tenure of 36 months.

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You need to have a take home salary greater than Rs. 15,000 pm.
Also, keep these Documents handy.

ID Proofs

PAN Number

Aadhar card

Income Proofs

Last 2 month pay slip

Last 3 month bank account statement showing your salary credit

Residence Proof

Mobile/ Internet bill/ Credit card statement/ Landline bill/ LPG Bill (not older than 60 days from date of application)

Electronic Verification

Validate your Bank account, Income Tax Returns (or) EPFO account and LinkedIn account This helps us in evaluating your profile in the absence of credit score

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