Building wealth for
clients isn't easy

Add value to client
portfolios with a new,
rewarding asset
class - P2P loans

  • Regular, monthly cashflow
  • Screened, short term loans
  • Above market returns

Join a growing community of financial advisors with access to this profitable asset class

The Monexo advantage

For financial advisors
(Distributors, Advisors, Financial planners)

  • Diversify your product portfolio beyond MFs, bonds and equities
  • Beat the market - deliver returns upwards of 13% p.a for clients
  • Get remunerated with attractive upfront + trail remuneration

For Family Offices /
Wealth management firms

  • Accelerate wealth creation for HNI clients with P2P loans
  • Rebalance low return FD, real estate client portfolios with high yield P2P loans
  • Seamless portfolio management with 24X7 access to client accounts

Financial Advisor testimonial

Why financial advisors recommend Monexo

Consumer loans in banks yield the highest. Monexo makes lending and the associated high yield accessible to all investors. Monexo offers a great product and is backed by great management - it is the Uber of Finance !

Mr. Ramanathan Krishamoorthy

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