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What is Monexo?

Monexo Fintech Private Limited is an online peer-to-peer lending marketplace with an aim to bring together screened borrowers and savvy lenders so that both can benefit financially. Its mission to create a simple, fast and convenient alternative to traditional credit services. We assist lenders to achieve better returns by creating their own loan portfolio of screened borrowers. We use technology to lower costs and deliver an incredible experience. This facilitates borrowers in getting competitive interest rates.

How does Monexo work?

The entire process is online, using technology to lower the cost of borrowing and pass the savings back in the form of lower rates for borrowers and solid returns for lenders.

  • Customers interested in a loan need to complete a simple online application form through www.monexo.co/in
  • Monexo screens the information, determines an interest rate and presents back loan offers to the borrower. On borrower acceptance the loan is listed in the Monexo marketplace.
  • Lenders - ranging from individuals to institutions - select loans in which they want to participate and can earn monthly returns.

Why is it safe to lend or borrow money online at Monexo's marketplace?

We are 100% committed for providing outstanding products and customer service. During the whole process Monexo has implemented industry best practices for protecting the safety and security of your personal information. For example: we have same level of SSL encryption as used by banks and we send OTP (One-Time Password) when you initiate a transaction on Monexo.

Beyond, Internet security, Monexo is the 1st Indian Online P2P lending marketplace that has implemented Global best practice of appointing TPC (Third Party Company) to be an independent custodian of lender funds. Please also read What is TPC ?

Is my personal/financial information safe with Monexo?

Monexo does not and will not sell your personal and financial information to anybody. We keep your information confidential and ensure that only authorised Monexo's employees, TPC and any other authorised service providers will have access to your information. Please read Monexo's Privacy Policy for more details.

How does Monexo protect personal/financial information?

We take security and privacy seriously.

  • We use sophisticated physical, procedural, technical and logical safeguards to ensure the security of your information.
  • The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) seal that you see on our website indicates an encrypted connection.
  • Additionally, we have anti-malware protection which constantly monitors the system for potential attacks.
  • We ensure password safety with stringent rules defined for passwords.
  • We have embedded 2-factor authentication in our process where the customer has to enter a One Time Password (OTP) that he receives on his mobile phone on submission of application form. Additionally, every time a lender funds a loan in the marketplace, he/ she is required to fill in the OTP received.

How can I assure myself that I am connected to Monexo?

Monexo employs the latest internet security measure with the adoption of the EV SSL Certificate (Extended Validation SSL Certificate) which will instantly let you know that you're on a genuine Monexo website.

You will see a change to the URL address bar area at the top of your browser when you visit the secure sessions in the Monexo website (indicated by "https://" at the beginning of the URL). The name of the certificate owner (Monexo Fintech Private Limited) will be displayed either on the URL address bar or near the top of the browser indicating the successful verification of the site's identity.

Is Peer to Peer (P2P) lending and Monexo regulated?

Yes, Peer to Peer lending in India is backed by a robust regulatory framework. The Reserve Bank of India ("RBI") on Oct 4th, 2017 released the final regulatory guidelines for Peer to Peer lending in India recognising platforms involved in the business of Peer to Peer lending as a new class of NBFC's ("NBFC - P2P"). RBI guidelines have clearly laid out the NBFC registration process, scope of permitted activities, minimum capital requirement and other key operational parameters - all of which are focused on ensuring that P2P lending platforms provide a transparent, rewarding experience for both lenders and borrowers. You can know more about the RBI guidelines here - https://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/NotificationUser.aspx?Id=11137

Monexo received its 'Certificate of Registration' ("CoR") from the RBI on 29th June 2018 and is recognised as an NBFC-P2P by RBI. Its registration number is N-07.00842.

Is Monexo a money lender?

Monexo is not a money lender and does not lend money. Monexo has created a peer-to-peer lending marketplace in which we connect screened borrowers to savvy lenders who are looking for a better returns compared to savings account and fixed deposits.

Is Monexo a collective investment scheme?

No. Monexo is not a collective investment scheme. We do not manage your money. We are a marketplace that offers options for lenders to build their loan portfolio based on the calculated risk they are willing to take while lending money individually to borrowers. We bring the best practices of peer-to-peer lending from the international market.

What are the advantages of using an online marketplace?

Monexo Online Marketplace brings 3 key advantages to you:

  • Complete Online process available 24/7
  • Lower cost as borrower
  • Bank Level Security and Anonymity

    How does customer service work with an online marketplace?

    Monexo is an online platform with all the information available at your finger tips 24/7. However, if you still need to connect with us, we are happy to serve you on:

    • Phone 044-7166 6396
    • Email contact@monexo.co 

    At Monexo, “Customer Service is NOT a department, its an attitude”

    Where can I find legal terms and policies?

    At every stage of the online process, we display the legal terms and conditions which should be read carefully before making any decision.