Auto invest

Hassle free lending for
busy people

Monexo Auto-Invest is a feature that helps you automate your lending.

Monexo is India's first peer to peer lender that provides the ability to do automated investment in loans listed in the marketplace. Its a hands-off way to find and fund loans without logging into the Monexo platform. Once you set the lending rules, orders are placed automatically. It is that simple!


Set Your Own Lending Rules

Select your desired risk return criteria
(M1 to M8 ratings)

Select maximum funding per borrower - diversification leads to risk reduction


Fund loans with Monexo Auto Invest

Monexo Auto-Invest engine queues your "cash available" and finds the loans that meet your lending rules.

Loans will get funded in the marketplace automatically


Get notification and stay in control

Get an email confirmation of your order booking in marketplace

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You don't miss an opportunity to fund loans even when you are not online. Your idle cash gets deployed quickly.


You decide your own lending rules based on your risk and return expectations. You can change your rules anytime and system will effect the new rules.


You can continue to fund loans manually while using Auto-Invest