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How do I buy Investment Orders on the Monexo Secondary Marketplace?

All the Investment Orders which lenders want to sell (assign) are listed on Monexo Secondary Marketplace. Buyers (Assignees) can click on "Buy Now" button to buy the Investment Order.

Do I need to buy the whole Investment Order or I can buy Investment Order in parts?

Buyer (assignee) cannot buy an Investment Order In parts.

If I buy a loan which is being sold for premium - how does it impact my returns?

Your effective yield on the loan will be lower than the interest rate at which the borrower is being charged

What is the fee to buy the Investment Order on Monexo Secondary Marketplace?

Monexo does not charge any transaction fee to buyer(assignee) for buying existing Investment Order. However, once the Investment Order is transferred, buyer will be charged 2.5% of the EMI on every EMI till the tenor of the Investment Order.

What information is available for each Investment Order?

Basic information about an Investment Order and corresponding loan is provided in the Monexo Secondary Market. This includes:

  • Investment Order Details
  • Loan Details
  • Borrower Profile Details
  • Yield to Maturity

Does the Monexo Rating on an Investment Order reflect the Borrower's current credit situation?

The Monexo Rating of an Investment Order is assigned by Monexo at the time the application for the corresponding loan is approved and the loan is issued. Investment Orders are not re-graded over time, and therefore may not reflect the Borrower's current credit score or financial situation.

What happens after I buy Investment Orders?

Once you own the Investment Order you purchased on the Monexo Secondary Market, the Investment Order is included in your loan portfolio and is held just like any Investment Order you would purchase on the Monexo platform. Any payments received will be reflected in your Monexo account.