Every financial transaction has risk. You need to understand the risks and know how to minimise it. We share some key aspects on how Monexo is committed to this:


Our website uses “SSL” certificates, providing encryption for world-class online protection of your data.

Hong Kong Trust Company Limited (HKTC)

We are using the best practices from Financial Conduct Authority, UK by keeping an arm's length with your money. HKTC is an independent administrator that holds all funds on behalf of lenders and receives repayments from borrowers who transact through Monexo. Find out more

Screened Borrowers

All loans are given only to borrowers with HKID, a HK bank account and with property rented out in Hong Kong. Their credit history from Trans Union is verified. Find out more

Fractionalized Lending

Lend small amounts to many borrowers to diversify your P2P portfolio and reduce risk. Find out more


One-time passwords “OTP” add an additional layer of online security to ensure you are in control of your funds.

Monthly Repayments from Borrowers

Monthly repayments (prinicpal and interest) are collected and reflected in your administrative account. Incase of delayed payment from borrower, our partner which is a renowned HK debt collection agency will follow up with the borrowers. We also have free insurance for borrowers and lenders. Call us to find out more

Real-time Confirmation

We believe in transparent and speedy communication. You receive a notification via email or SMS for all transactions.